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Established 1981 Celebrating 40 years in practice

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Relieve, manage and prevent pain with chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage treatments.
Dr Thomas Denecke

Health is a continuum, not a destination.

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To maintain health and reduce pain our bodies need constant care. Treatments are not a cure but they will help you live life how you want to.
Don't let pain stop you from work, family and hobbies.
Our job is to get you to the point where you can function and make it through the day without reliance on pain medication. When you get to this point we can work on preventative or pain management strategies.

Go from discomfort to freedom.

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Our Process.

Initial consultation

Where we review your medical history and determine if we can treat your problem

Treatment Plan

You will be offered different options and our recommendation for treatment

Preventative Care

When we’ve restored your functioning, we can go over a plan to help you prevent future injury and manage any ongoing pain

I started seeing Dr. Denecke years ago for migraines and with monthly maintenance, I hardly ever get them anymore. Very recently I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder/ neck the pain was unbearable and I could hardly move my right arm. Dr Denecke has been working his magic on it for two months now and my shoulder/neck feel better than they ever have. He is truly amazing.


I have been seeing Dr. Coster for the last 3 month following a car accident. This is my first time in a car accident and I didn't know what to expect. He has been so helpful with my no-fault case. He is supportive and knowledgeable with paperwork, referrals, work notes and the overall process. He is very thorough and timely in his chiropractic care. He has helped so much in my recovery thus far. I would definitely recommend heading to one of his offices.


Once I had a patient come in and her pain was so severe that she had to crawl into one of my treatment rooms on her hands and knees. When she walked out after treatment, everyone in the waiting room looked amazed. This is an extreme case but it’s the reason I love what I do.

Dr Denecke
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Established in 1981

Over 40 years in the business of wellbeing.
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